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Our server provisioning recipes for sunzi.
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Server provisioning recipes

These recipes are currently specifically tailored for Jiffybox instances. They may work on other servers as well, or they'll shoot you in the foot and eat your cat. You have been warned.


You need sunzi.

gem install sunzi

Assumptions / Prerequisites

  • You have setup a new Jiffybox with Ubuntu 10.04 64bit.
  • You have put the public key for the Webistrano deploy user into files/deploy_key.
  • You changed application_name and ruby_version in sunzi.yml according to your needs.


To setup the server, just run the following inside the sunzi directory:

sunzi deploy [HOST/IP]

Follow the instructions that the script gives you after it is done. The last thing you need to do is initialize the database. An example:

echo "create database my_database" | mysql

That's it. You can now deploy to the server with Webistrano.


The main script is Here you can change which recipes will be run, do special stuff, etc. The recipes reside in (surprise!) recipes/. You can add new ones if you like. If you want to know more (attribute variable usage, etc.) consult the sunzi documentation.

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