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Releases: ubiq/fusion

Ubiq Wallet and Fusion 0.10.0

14 Dec 08:16
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Ubiq Wallet

With this release we are adding Ubiq Wallet binaries as an option for users. Ubiq Wallet uses the same code as Fusion, without the browser functionality, and with the wallet-dapp built in instead of connecting to the hosted version provided by For most users we recommend Ubiq Wallet as it has a smaller potential attack surface. If interacting with dapps then Fusion may be a better option, otherwise Ubiq Wallet does everything you will need.

Syncing and overall experience

Some time has been spent simplifying the startup process. You can expect a smoother process as some small bugs and annoyances have been fixed.

  • Introduces a core state module leveraging Redux
  • Removes an outdated onboarding process
  • Adds "retry connection" to wallet splash screen

Bugfixes and behind-the-curtain improvements

  • Splash logic refactor, pt. 1
  • Minor fix on getTransactionReceipt override
  • Translation updates
  • Updating OS-timesync package
  • Fixes issue when changing between testnet and mainnet
  • Temporarily pin solidity to v0.4.10

Electron security updates

We’ve updated to Electron’s latest stable release, with security fixes. More info on their release notes: 1.8.4, 1.8.3.

If using Fusion we highly recommend you not to visit untrusted websites for the time being. Ubiq Wallet, is not affected by this

Note about Linux .deb

Although we still maintain .zip files for Linux distros, we are reassessing the support to .deb packages, due to some unexpected behaviors. We’re studying the possibility to replace it by AppImage, a self-contained app bundling system that works with many Linux distros. It’s been widely used by modern apps today.

In order to install from .zip files, please install libgconf2-4 first:

apt-get install libgconf2-4

Fusion 0.9.2

15 Oct 10:05
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This release contains a security fix. Updating Fusion is highly recommended. If you want to keep using an older Fusion version, you mustn't visit untrusted websites.

Refer to Electron 1.7.9 release notes for more info.


  • Updates electron to 1.7.9
  • Fixes Fusion update notification
  • Clock sync popup warning fix for macOS High Sierra users
  • Fixes wallet contract deployment bug introduced in previous release (meteor-wallet-dapp)
  • Fixes Testnet/solonet syncmode error


  • After upgrading on main wallet dapp view, right click->reload to ensure old javascript cache is cleared.
$ shasum -a 256 *
2c127597bcfa1ec2eb217d7aea60b7b39cd7a6698924e4f4fd175e951e31ca21  Fusion-installer-0-9-2.exe
f590d5d9938aaf6431924614acc16c11e64d5e364196a6daefc1be7f0192c5b3  Fusion-linux64-0-9-2.deb
835ea43419895fd01b416856ba0a98aead841b4376bb7ad01b915a384ad232c3  Fusion-macosx-0-9-2.dmg

Fusion 0.9.1

29 Sep 09:31
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This release contains a security fix. Updating Fusion is highly recommended. If you want to keep using an older Fusion version, you must not visit untrusted websites.

Refer to Electron 1.7.8 release notes for more info.


  • New sidebar to better display Dapps and many accounts.
  • Fixes a bug that made tabs disappear for some users.
  • Reinforce the need for backing up keystores.
  • Improved password strength validation when creating new accounts.

Security hardening

Increased security by leveraging the use of a fully isolated JavaScript context between Fusion and the Dapps.

Note for Dapp developers

From this version on Fusion will not ship its own web3.js instance anymore. We only provide for now web3.currentProvider so you can connect to ubiq. In the future, we will provide a special ubiq object with a default provider.

Also this web3.currentProvider will not allow sync calls anymore, as it is already the case in Sparrow (and it's bad practice in general). So make sure to use the async ones e.g. web3.eth.accounts -> web3.eth.getAccounts(function(){...})

To instantiate your (self-included) web3.js lib you can use:

if(typeof web3 !== 'undefined')
    var web3 = new Web3(web3.currentProvider);
    web3 = new Web3(new Web3.providers.HttpProvider("http://localhost:8588"));

Solo network

If you want to create your own solo network for testing purposes (or in a workshop where you have a very poor internet connection) you can also do it directly via the Develop menu: it will create a local network just for your computer in which you can test, mine and publish local contracts. It will use the --dev flag on your Gubiq node. From the Fusion UI console (developer tools), you can use and control the web3 object.

$ shasum -a 256 *
601d85eed295bebc4aba618d99535d4cf71a2b0c71efcb172b87abd4541189a9  Fusion-installer-0-9-1.exe
ed1e211f1ec5d79c7d2302a0a6e1b29e3cebbbb7ded8b751620ec43df5d0d3a4  Fusion-linux64-0-9-1.deb
d1adb68f88b14ba24d608786088431d6771ac978b379a5d2a5f2c5995f8940b1  Fusion-macosx-0-9-1.dmg

Version 0.8.10 (bug fix)

11 May 22:34
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Version 0.8.10 is a bugfix release addressing:

  • Incorrect client name displaying on client update popup
  • Incorrect update link and notification (Fusion update)
  • Other minor fixes

This release is in preparation of the upcoming 0.8.11 update.

$ shasum -a 256 *
dda215edd6999f247d7d9dd0b46a907d9d59618b0f75ad29160aa64d2412f77e  Fusion-linux64-0-8-10.deb
973e0891440eefc5e298dffcd392a86a3399d0de5ce2e295992edd4fc86a4ada  Fusion-macosx-0-8-10.dmg
9fa6c05e1bf262bcb0eda704d6312053f14295b6a13e921d12e50381b7a0b29a  Fusion-win64-0-8-10.exe

First Release (Fusion)

24 Feb 00:34
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Bringing together all of your accounts, assets and application interfaces, the Fusion Wallet combines all Ubiq blockchain functionality into one secure and powerful interface. With all of the tools to write and deploy your own smart contracts and tokens.

$ shasum -a 256 *
eada76fa30340d9cc3003889aa84b813b05d7877fa82b69568eb7a1c6073d608  Fusion-macosx-0-8-9.dmg
ed9ff5ea1653f24e5e8c11676e845aabda87c88a5cd4900e2f00cd42c8812952  Fusion-win64-0-8-9.exe
f77e34292bf50d880307ba59f1e82751dc49aceb581fb04deeebd162b6bbe4cd  Fusion-linux64-0-8-9.deb

Note: The Windows installer is not currently signed. This will be addressed in future releases.