Assets 6

This is a hard fork release so you will need to upgrade before block 8000.

The previous hard fork was activated without any issue but the Digishield difficulty algorithm is proving to be inadequate. We have coded up a new solution called the Flux Difficulty Algorithm. This is a minor adjustment to Digishield so that it implements throttling which will eliminate the peaks and troughs of the difficulty chart. This works by making an extra comparison with the previous block time and throttling the rate of change. The current Ethereum difficulty algorithm works using the approach of looking at the time of the previous block.

We have been testing this for a few days in our local Testnet and the results look good. We do not anticipate any issues and we are in close conversation with our pool operators.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

$ shasum -a 256 *
1464a42e445b00c393d743d9bea465e57bcdda4f09438d36e5311c8ec5cc63ed  gubiq-darwin-amd64
2eedf3a7efaee21d0bbead9429625359145906d0001a92e13de94c2ac4beb2c2  gubiq-linux-amd64
99a6a933dd5a0858ff4cb14d284d16123f9425aba94d4ad7cb1f3623a25e1566  gubiq-linux-arm-7
1fc28113ee7a03dc09b91b4ff3d2245a724ee2ca0f34720fd23cb45dc79be171  gubiq-windows-4.0-amd64.exe