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This release is a mandatory upgrade. Please make sure you upgrade before block 660,000.

This release adds support for the UIP 1 Hard Fork that is scheduled to be enabled at block 660,000. The hard fork will change Proof of Work algorithms from Ethash to Ubqhash.


  • Add support for UIP 1 hard fork PoW change from Ethash to Ubqhash
  • Build fixes for Go 1.11+
  • Replace references to "golang.org/x/net/context" with Go built-in "context" package


  • This version removes the following optimizations which were prematurely committed in v2.0.0:
    • Clean up code and remove references to the following EIP's:
    • HomesteadBlock, EIP150Block, EIP150Hash and EIP158Block.

All of the provided binaries are also built using the latest Go 1.11.1+.


$ shasum -a 256 *
f986bc477f02850a91f9777129ca3ae18da3ecd7a744bbee0da6223ca35a2727  gubiq-darwin-amd64
707afbf3456b8eb50903718d22744fbe505781b30edceb484d1592211ad0decf  gubiq-linux-amd64
e99457c8d86187e297c90cfdcc8c501b00d59e7536d74267acf3a3916f12eba4  gubiq-linux-arm-7
c25deab8bc7b44edaef274852a550bbf5035e1cdadbf782c05f762050542ef29  gubiq-linux-arm64
fa95096a23dca4c33dfbf8dfe66404dbda540f22cfaacc9df71e67d9adca4308  gubiq-windows-4.0-amd64.exe