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Pycom MicroPython Example
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ubirch-protocol for micropython

This example is targeted at micropython, specifically Pycom modules. A special build is required and available in the releases and has everything the official Pycom build contains plus an Ed25510 crypto implementation.

Download Atom and install the Pymakr plugin to get started.

The example code is made for any Pycom module sitting on a Pysense or Pytrack.

  • checkout out this repository

    $ git checkout
  • Add the directory to Atom using File -> Add Project Folder

  • Use the Pycom Firmware Upgrader to flash the correct binary for your board.

  • If the Pymakr plugin is loaded, you should have a terminal at the bottom with buttons to upload and run scripts. Simply upload the code to get going.

  • Take note of the UUID displayed in the console window

  • Go to to register your device:

    • Once logged in, go to Things (in the menu on the left) and click on ADD NEW DEVICE
    • paste the UUID in the hwDeviceId field
    • click create
  • Next, click on your device, copy the apiConfig, create src/config.json in your project and paste the apiConfig into it.

  • Add configuration for WIFI connection and the expansion board you are using.

    It should then look like this:

      "networks": {
        "<WIFI SSID>": "<WIFI PASSWORD>"
      "type": "<TYPE: 'pysense' or 'pytrack'>",
      "password": "<password for ubirch auth and data service>",
      "keyService": "<URL of key registration service>",
      "niomon": "<URL of authentication service>",
      "data": "<URL of data service>"
  • Upload the file to the board again and you're good to go.

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