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How to add a cry?

  • Update your local tree with git pull or clone the repository with git clone if you don't have it already
  • Add the cry or cries in www/snd. See the website FAQ ( for more information on the format/codec restrictions and extraction.
  • Add a kawaii 300x200 PNG picture in www/img
  • Run git add on the just added sound and images files
  • Edit and add/edit the loli entry
  • Run make && firefox www/index.html and check if everything is fine
  • Commit the new loli with git commit -a -m <commit message>
  • Request a merge (if you forked the project) or send a patch (git format-patch -1)
  • Wait for a review from a developer

Eventually, a developer will run git push on the main server with your patch.

How to edit a standard page?

All the pages content are located in the src/ directory. Just edit them and follow the last steps of the previous section.

How to change page information or the index page?

Everything you need is in, just edit it and hack.

What is the setup of

We have a shared bare repository in GITROOT=/home/$COMMON_GROUP/ This is the repository cloned by the developers, $COMMON_GROUP being a shared group between them.

A cloned repository (from the $GITROOT bare one) is located in WWWROOT=/home/$ADMIN_DEV/ The DocumentRoot of the httpd points on $WWWROOT/www. This directory contains all the images, cries, generated pages, etc. The web server is also configured to redirect any 404 to www/404.html.

Each time a developer pushes something, the script $GITROOT/hooks/post-receive is run. It contains the following code to update the $WWWROOT repository:



read oldrev newrev refname
[ "$refname" != "refs/heads/master" ] && exit 0
unset GIT_DIR
git pull