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Clojurescript in XULRunner
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Tools to bring Clojurescript to XULRunner programs: Firefox, Thunderbird, Conkeror.


  • After cloning, compile
lein cljsbuild once
  • Install MozRepl.
  • Open the REPL.
  • Follow the instructions in src/js/run.js.


  • Potentially have access to the whole XULRunner runtime, not just a page's context.


  • Fix prints scheduled by timeout/interval being ignored. To be fair clojure.browser.repl has the same problem! As an aside, this is better solved on the printing side (in Clojure).
  • Allow runtime addition of dependencies.
  • Make a REPL extension to stop piggy-backing on MozRepl..
  • Swap client-server role (XULRunner programs should be servers).
  • Add other transports (TCP, WebSockets).
  • Set it up so that goog.require can load from jar files.
  • Add more introspection features.
  • Firefox dev tool!

Copyright and license

Copyright © 2014 Nguyễn Tuấn Anh

Distributed under Eclipse Public License.

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