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Simple browsers-editor css synchronization
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We want to shorten the feedback loop as much as possible.

Changes in edited css files are reflected immediately in browsers, without having to refresh them. The advantages are:

  • No refresh needed. On pages where multiple steps must be performed to get to the state we are interested in styling, refresh is a huge waste of time.
  • Debug styles in multiple browsers at once. This also allows more collaboration.


  • Install npm.
  • Install under css-sync/.
    npm install


  • Edit config.js to tell the server which url should map to which file on disk. For example:
    function urlToFileName(url) {
      return {
        "/css/foo.css": "/home/ubolonton/my-project/css/foo.css"
  • Run the watching server
    node css-sync
  • Include css-reload.js, or copy its content to the page that needs to reload its css files on change, optionally specifying which css link elements should be watched (default to all those with relative URL). For example:
    c.links = $("link[href^='/css/foo.css']");
  • Load the page. Anytime a css file is saved the browser will reload the associated css link without refreshing.

TODO Features to be considered

  • Sync changes from browser css editors back to server (they have niceties, after all)?
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