Default Calendar application for Ubuntu Touch devices
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ReadMe - Calendar App 

Calendar App is the official calendar app for Ubuntu Touch. We follow an open source model where the code is available to anyone to branch and to hack on. 
The calendar app follows a test driven development (TDD) where tests are written in parallel to feature implementation to help spot regressions easier.

Useful Links

Here are some useful links with regards to the Calendar App development.

* Home Page      -
* Designs        -

This application is implemented in QML/JS.
You need Qt5 and the qmlscene viewer to launch this application.

$ cd calendar-app
$ qmlscene qml/calendar.qml


All contributions are welcome, please see the information below for details of how you can help.

Please refer to the *README.developers* file for details on how to build the app and contribute code.

Help us translate the app to make it accessible to more people. Refer to our [translations]( page for details.

**Ideas & bugs**
Please create a new issue in our [issue tracker](

Please go to UBPorts [contribution]( page for more details on other ways to supports UBPorts.