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Ubricoin ERC20 Token
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Interface IERC20.sol
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Ubricoin ERC20 Token VERSION 2.0.0

Ubrica(Ubricoin) Smart contract

In this repository you will find Ubrica’s smart contract.

Main Ubricoin information:

 Ubricoin is a fully ERC-20 compliant Ethereum utility token.
 Private sale token price 	1 UBN = $0.5
 Total tokens 	            10,000,000,000
 Available for token sale 	8,000,000,000 (80%)
 Whitelist 	YES (JUNE 1 – JULY 31, 2018)
 Pre-sale start date 	    AUGUST 1, 2018
 Public sale start date 	OCTOBER 1, 2018
 Soft cap 	$ 1,000,000
 Hard cap 	$ 10,000,000
 Accepts 	ETH
 Contact us for pre-sale


Smart contract is published in Ethereum blockchain.


Acknowledgments Ubrica Team

Copyright 2018, Ubrica Ltd.

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