Modifications to the library provided by Sparkfun Electronics for their quadstepper motor board
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Latest commit e606905 Nov 7, 2011 @dbaratta dbaratta Updated the arduino sketch to take input from 2 analog Sharp IR senso…
…rs which serve to reverse the platforms direction before it drives off the edge of a table.

I also updated the quadstep library to make it easier to use. Since rotation did nothing it has now been removed as an argument. See the example sketch for an example use.

Signed-off-by: Dominic Baratta <>
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This is a modified version of the library provided by Sparkfun Electronics for
their Quadstepper motor driver board.

Modicications: Dominic Baratta
Original Author: Aaron Weiss, SparkFun electronics 2011

How to use this library:
Place the ubrQuadstep folder in the "arduino/libraries" folder of your Arudino

Refernce the example Arudino sketch provided.