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@@ -640,6 +640,58 @@ Following the syntax for :doc:`word level attributes </characters/attributes>`.
.. _usfmc_rb:
.. index:: marker (\rb ...\rb*)
\\rb ...\\rb\*
:Syntax: ``\rb_annotated base text...\rb*``
:Type: character
:Added: 3.0
:Use: Annotated base text. |br|
Used to mark the base text being annotated with ruby characters.
.. note::
**About Ruby:** *Ruby* is the term used for a run of special text that is associated with another run of text referred to as the *base text*. Ruby text is used to provide a short annotation for the associated base text. It is most often used to provide a reading / pronunciation guide, especially for characters that are likely to be unfamiliar to the reader. Ruby text is usually presented alongside or above the base text, using a smaller typeface.
.. _usfmc_rt:
.. index:: marker (\rt ...\rt*)
\\rt ...\\rt\*
:Syntax: ``\rt_annotation text...\rt*``
:Type: character
:Added: 3.0
:Use: Ruby annotation text. |br|
In the case where the annotation text is associated with only a single preceding ideogram, only the ``\\rt ...\\rt\*`` marker is required (the base text markup :ref:`\\rb ...\\rb\* <usfmc_rb>` is optional in these cases).
**Text and Formatting Sample** (\\rb ...\\rb\* and \\rt ...\\rt\*) - Genesis 1.1-2 |br|
(Japanes Living Bible - Biblica)
.. code-block:: text
:name: usfm-character_rb_rt_example
\p \v 1 まだ\rb 何\rb*\rt なに\rt*もなかった\rb 時\rb*\rt とき\rt*\rb 神\rb*\rt かみ\rt*
\rb 天\rb*\rt てん\rt*\rb 地\rb*\rt ち\rt*\rb 造\rb*\rt つく\rt*りました。
\v 2 \rb 地\rb*\rt ち\rt*\rb 形\rb*\rt かたち\rt*\rb 定\rb*\rt さだ\rt*まらず、
\rb 闇\rb*\rt やみ\rt*\rb 包\rb*\rt つつ\rt*まれた\rb 水\rb*\rt みず\rt*
\rb 上\rb*\rt うえ\rt*を、さらに\rb 神\rb*\rt かみ\rt*\rb 霊\rb*\rt れい\rt*
\rb 覆\rb*\rt おお\rt*っていました。
.. image:: images/usfm-character_rb_rt.jpg
:width: 300px
.. _usfmc_pro:
.. index:: marker (\pro ...\pro*)
@@ -648,8 +700,11 @@ Following the syntax for :doc:`word level attributes </characters/attributes>`.
:Syntax: ``\pro_text...\pro*``
:Type: character
:Added: 2.0
:Deprecated: 3.0 |badge_3.0|
:Use: Pronunciation information. |br|
*Used for CJK text.*
*Used for CJK text.* |br|
**Deprecated** (i.e. use is strongly discouraged). |br| |br|
|ico_Cg| *Recommended alternate:* :ref:`\\rt ...\\rt\* <usfmc_rt>` (with optional markup for the annotated base text using :ref:`\\rb ...\\rb\* <usfmc_rb>`).

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