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@flexiondotorg flexiondotorg released this Aug 1, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release


  • Fix typo in user application path.
  • Support pixbufs without an alpha channel.
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@robint99 robint99 released this May 21, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

V0.89 of the applet fixes a couple of issues, #174 and #176.

Also, the README has been updated and contains an important announcement about the future of the applet.

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@robint99 robint99 released this Jan 27, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

This new version introduces 2 new looks for the applet, both based on the look of the Unity desktop. The first emulates the full Unity experience with 3D buttons for non-running apps and backlights for running apps:

screenshot at 2019-01-27 07-02-46

The second does away with the 3D look for apps which aren't running but retains the Unity backlights, giving a more modern, flatter, look:

screenshot at 2019-01-27 07-03-42

The addition of these new options has necessitated a reworking the of the Appearance tab of the preferences dialog.

screenshot at 2019-01-27 07-04-56

This allows a selection of preset 'themes' (icon background and indicator types) to be applied to the dock, or for the user to apply a custom mix of background and indicators. The available themes are:

screenshot at 2019-01-27 07-36-44

  • Default : the default look of the dock - shows a gradient background for the active app and white rounded indicators.
  • Unity : The full Unity experience - icon backgrounds are back-lit for running apps, non-running apps have a 3D button look.
  • Unity Flat : Does away with the 3D button look but retains the backlight for running apps
  • Subway : A Windows 10-ish look
  • Custom : Icon background and indicator types can be freely mixed and matched.

When 'Custom' is selected, the full range of both background and indicator types can be selected.

Icon backgrounds:

screenshot at 2019-01-27 07-35-47

Indicator Types:

ind types

This release also contains some bug fixes, namely:

Fix for issue #167 - Unpinned applications do not minimize to their own button
Fix for issue #166 - MATE's Sticky Notes show up in the Dock
Fix for issue #126 - Version 0.83 adds extra space on the right side of the panel.
Fix for issue #113 - Unity-like icons backlight + gloss
Fix for issue #101 - Double click needed, if panel not expaned
Fix for an untracked issue where apps whose .desktop file specified a full path and filename for their desktop icon would not load the icon correctly.

In addition, several several historic issues on Github that were no longer relevant to current versions of the dock have been closed.

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@robint99 robint99 released this Sep 12, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release


This release fixes the following issues:

  • #158 - Odd Icon Behavior when Minimizing and then unminimizing app windows.
  • #139 - LibreOffice Writer (plus other apps such as Caja) occasionally not showing in dock
  • #160 - Unused event parameter removed
  • #159 - Use dark variant for the applet background when defined by theme
  • #154 - Added a 'bring all windows forward' option
  • #156 - AttributeError in do_window_scroll() method
  • #152 - Icons of wine applications aren't displayed
  • #Fix for issue #153 - All actions defined in a .desktop file are now displayed in the right click or popup menus rather. Previously a maximum of 4 only would be displayed.
  • #146 - unable to restore some minimized windows
  • #144 - blurry icons on hidpi displays

Note : Many thanks go to github user @vkareh for the fixes to issues #144, #159 and #160

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@robint99 robint99 released this Jun 6, 2018 · 47 commits to master since this release


This release provides fixes to the following issues:

  • #130, Icon stays highlighted with all windows closed
  • #131 - dock sizing options appearing in the preferences dialog when not needed
  • #132 - program activation by dragging doesn't work
  • #136 and #140 - icons for windows which the applet should have been ignoring were appearing in the dock
  • #137 - Telegram icon not found; shows as generic cogs
  • #138 - dragging app icons not always working
  • #142 - certain function keys cause the keyboard listener to stop working (thanks go to @nschulzke for this)

There is also a potential fix for issue #144 - blurry app icons on hidpi monitors, but this is untested due to the lack of an hidpi monitor...

Finally, the following untracked issues have been fixed:

  • Window previews with Compiz are now working again. They were apparently broken in V0.81
  • When an app's window is closed from the window list, the window list is now closed too.
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@robint99 robint99 released this Mar 20, 2018 · 62 commits to master since this release


This is another minor release and contains a workaround for Launchpad bug #1755835 which affected Mate Tweak and Mutiny layout users (Mutineers?) who switched panel layouts and found their dock settings had not been carried forward.

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@robint99 robint99 released this Mar 15, 2018 · 65 commits to master since this release


This is a minor release which contains an adjustment to the workaround introduced in V0.83 following the removal of the workspace switcher applet from the Mutiny panel layout

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@robint99 robint99 released this Feb 28, 2018 · 68 commits to master since this release


This version contains a small workaround relating to this mate-panel issue.

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@robint99 robint99 released this Feb 26, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release


V0.82 of the applet follows on from the recent release of MATE 1.20 and contains some changes relating to the way app scrolling works.

With the applet is used with MATE 1.20 app icon scrolling is automatically enabled when it is needed - i.e. when the applet runs out of space on the panel to expand into - and is it automatically disabled when not needed e.g. when the applet is given more space by being moved, or when another applet is removed from the panel.

When the applet is moved about on the panel it can now also resize and become larger or smaller to make the best use of the available panel space in the same way that the window list applet does. The minimum size it will allow itself is 4 app icons.

Because the applet can now adjust itself to the available panel space, the dock size configuration options introduced in V0.81 are not needed with MATE 1.20 and do not appear in the preferences dialog. However, if the applet is used with an earlier version of MATE, they will still be there and can be used as before.

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@robint99 robint99 released this Feb 3, 2018 · 77 commits to master since this release

There are a couple of major changes in this latest version of the applet.

The first is that the dock now supports scrolling of app icons. This is useful when the dock has limited space on its panel and will prevent it from expanding over other applets. To scroll app icons, the mouse pointer must be moved over either the first or last icon in the dock. If scrolling is possible in that direction, the app icon will darken and an arrow will be displayed over it.

scroll arrow

If the mouse pointer hovers over an icon in this state, the dock will scroll in the indicated direction.
As with icons, the arrows are drawn using the current icon theme and their appearance will therefore vary from theme to theme.

App scrolling is automatically configured and enabled when using the Mutiny layout from Mate Tweak. When using any other layout scrolling can be enabled using a new preferences setting.

scrolling preferences

If 'Variable' is selected, scrolling is disabled and the dock will behave as in take as much space on the panel as it needs, possibly expanding over other applets as in previous versions. If 'Fixed' is selected, the dock will claim enough space to display the specfied number of app icons, and will begin scrolling icons when it contains more than this number.

A few things to note about scrolling:

  • The implementation is still in an early state and bugs can be expected...
  • It is Gtk3 only
  • The current approach of setting scrolling on or off via a preferences item is a short term workaround while this issue with the MATE panel and python introspection is fixed. Once done, future versions of the applet will be able to automatically enable and disable app scrolling as and when needed.

The other big change for this version is that applet the no longer uses its own method of matching applications and instead uses the bamf library for this. What this means for users is that from now on the applet will be a lot better at matching applications and windows to their dock icons. For package maintainers it means the applet has the following new dependencies: bamfdaemon, libbamf and gir1.2-bamf

There are also two minor changes to mentions. Firstly, popup windows (action lists and window lists) no longer steal focus from other windows. Secondly, when using a solid fill for the active icon background, the contrast between the icon and the background has been improved.

Finally, a screenshot of V0.81 applet on Ubuntu Mate 18.04. Note that the dock is just about to scroll.

V0.81 Mutiny 18.04

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