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Our snap/snapcraft codelabs

This is our snap and snapcraft codelabs, fetched from google doc content.

This is the compiled containing compiled assets or codelabs. The source branch is at https://github.com/ubuntu/codelabs-source.

Run the binary assets

Once you are on the codelabs repo, you can just run the simple webserver from the main repo:

  • ./server You can specify the port with -p <port_number>
  • There is snap available name "snap-codelabs" which will run on your localhost, port 8123 by default. You can install it with: sudo snap install snap-codelabs
  • If you have polymer-cli (npm install -g polymer-cli), you can just run: polymer serve.

Add/Update/Remove codelabs

You can use ./codelabs binary which will fetch needed dependencies for you to add/update or remove codelabs.

  • Adding a new codelabs is as simple as: ./codelabs add <google_doc_id>. You can add multiple docs at the same time.
  • Refreshing all codelabs is ./codelabs update
  • Remove a codelab is `./codelabs remove <google_doc_id|codelab_name>. You can remove multiple docs at the same time.

You can use -ga <google_analytics> to override the default GA account.

Codelabs are located in src/codelabs. All metadata are then regenerated for the website to pick up.

Do not forget to add/commit and push to the codelabs branch each time you generate or refresh the codelabs assets.

Tweak category theming and events

The theming is for categories are located in categories-events.json. Only categories available there will be shown in the dropdown filters.

Adding events enables to get events/<event_name> page, which is filtering codelabs for which one tags match this event. Images are relative path to images/events/.