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MicroK8s In The Wild

Welcome to the MicroK8s In The Wild page. Here you can find events, tutorials, blog posts and talks on MicroK8s.

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Event/Mention Author(s) Source Date
Single-User Production on Microk8s Anton Melser 05-Feb-2019
MicroK8s, Part 3: How To Deploy a Pod in Kubernetes Tom Fenton 02-Feb-2019
MicroK8s, Part 2: How To Monitor and Manage Kubernetes Tom Fenton 30-Jan-2019
MicroK8s: How To Install and Use Kubernetes Tom Fenton 28-Jan-2019
SUSE Cloud Application Platform (CAP) on Microk8s Dimitris Karakasilis 27-Jan-2019
Files upload from Kubeless on MicroK8s to Minio Rafał bluszcz Zawadzki 07-Jan-2019
Get into Kubernetes with MicroK8s Milindu S. Kumarage 06-Jan-2019
Serverless MicroK8s Kubernetes Rafał bluszcz Zawadzki 06-Jan-2019
Deploy OpenFaaS with MicroK8s John McCabe 01-Jan-2019
Docker desktop, microk8s and the battle for the k8s laptop liorkesos 18-Dec-2018
Canonical Launches MicroK8s Swapnil Bhartiya 12-Dec-2018
Kubernetes single node cluster using microk8s Just me and Opensource 02-Dec-2018
Getting started with Kubeflow (machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes) via Microk8s and Multipass  Leigh Johnson 20-Nov-2018
Kubernetes CICD Hacks with MicroK8s and Kubeflow, KubeCon China 2018 Land Lu, Zhang Lei Mao from Canonical KubeCon 2018 14-Nov-2018
Kubernetes On A Laptop  Steven Acreman 03-Nov-2018
Local Kubernetes for Linux – MiniKube vs MicroK8s  Thomas Pliakas 01-Nov-2018
A local Kubernetes with microk8s  Marco Ceppi 22-May-2018
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