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ImageMagick7-edge snap

This project creates a mostly-working snap of kitchen-sink (all options) ImageMagick 7.

To get this done, we need to do the following:

  • Find out what doesn't work yet; I am not a server admin and have no real workloads to test with. Having run imagemagick-edge.mogrify on a directory of images, I can confirm basic functionality, however imagemagick-edge.magick / magick-script don't work. I don't know how they are usually used, and what I might be doing wrong, or if there are serious errors to be addressed.

  • Give feedback about missing options, and if you know how to enable them, let me know

  • Develop a solid, working security profile, and determine the snap interfaces required

Current state

Working features:

  • Builds the snap of IM7 and provides access to all tools through imagemagick-edge.<tool>

Known issues:

  • The main CLI tools (convert, conjure, mogrify, identify, etc) work, but default unconfigured security permissions just block any reading of files. This is current normal behaviour for any snap installed application. Installation instructions below.


  • Security profile
  • Upload to store on correct edge channel - would prefer more auditing before making this more widely available, or having project maintainers take the initiative from the start.

Installation Instructions

Like any program in the snappy-playpen which isn't in the snappy store, clone the ubuntu/snappy-playpen repository, and run $ snapcraft cleanbuild in the project's directory. After waiting a while and building the .snap for yourself. Complete command walkthrough, requires Ubuntu 16.04, git,lxd, snapcraft', and an UbuntuOne account for zero-hassle installation and removal of snaps (no need forsudo`)

    $ git clone git://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen
    $ cd snappy-playpen/imagemagick-edge/
    $ snap login <your@ubuntu.one.email>
    $ snapcraft cleanbuild
        <lots of compiling>
    $ snap install imagemagick-edge.snap
    $ snap connect imagemagick-edge:home ubuntu-core:home