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Yaru default ubuntu theme

Snap build status: Build Status

Yaru theme is the default theme for Ubuntu, entirely backed by the community. This is the theme that is shaped by the community on the Ubuntu hub, turned into the default theme starting from Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish.

More information is available at

Detailed screenshots and reasoning behind the design can be found inside the Design Wiki:




It contains:

  • a GNOME Shell theme
  • a GTK2 and GTK3 theme
  • an icon & cursor theme, derived from the Suru icon theme.
  • a sound theme, combining sounds from the WoodenBeaver and Touch-Remix sound themes with an emphasis on making sound a usability feature instead of an annoyance.

Yaru on Ubuntu 18.10

Yaru theme will be the default in 18.10. Once you install it, you will get it by default as part of the distribution soon and will be automatically migrated to it.

You will receive there at regular intervals stable updates of the theme.

Testing Yaru/Communitheme snap on Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic beaver)

Note that for backward compatibility, we kept the name "communitheme" for bionic beaver. It's still up to date with latest of development of Yaru, only the name differs.

We're currently still developing the theme, but you can try it out for yourself. Be warned though, this is a pre-release alpha state and not (yet) officially supported. These packages are mainly intended for the Yaru designers to get a sense of what actually works in Ubuntu.

Note that these steps only work on Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic beaver).

Follow these steps in order to install and enable communitheme.

  1. Install the communitheme snap on 18.04 by installing communitheme in the Ubuntu Software Application or running snap install communitheme.
  2. Restart your computer. The login screen will now use Communitheme by default. Click on your user, click on the gear icon ans select the "Ubuntu with communitheme snap" session from the login screen, and login.
  3. Now everything is using the communitheme including applications, icons, sound notifications and cursor. Any new update of communitheme will come directly to you on a regular basis thanks to the snap without having to run any command!

The following video guides you through these steps.

Video guide

Tracking latest of latest

By default, you track manually tested and curated releases of communitheme snap. you can use the latest, as a snap is built and published to the snap store when any project related to yaru has changed (being GNOME Shell theme, or icon or…).

For switching to it, you can switch to the edge channel, by running: snap refresh communitheme --edge. If you want to follow the edge content for snap applications, you will need as well to switch gtk-common-theme snap to the same channel: snap refresh gtk-common-themes --edge.

If you haven't install the snap yet but want to directly track the edge channel, you can run snap install communitheme --edge.

Copying or Reusing

This project has mixed licencing. You are free to copy, redistribute and/or modify aspects of this work under the terms of each licence accordingly (unless otherwise specified).

The Suru icon assets (any and all source .svg files or rendered .png files) are licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

Included scripts are free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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