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The gen3 cloud-automation bash scripts simplify and standardize common devops tasks on a gen3 commons.


Install the gen3 scripts on a system like this:

export GEN3_HOME=~/"Path/To/cloud-automation"
if [ -f "${GEN3_HOME}/gen3/" ]; then
  source "${GEN3_HOME}/gen3/"

gen3 cli

gen3 [flags] command [command options]

global flags

gen3 [flags] command

  • --dryrun
  • --verbose
ex:$ gen3 workon accountname vpcname
ex:$ gen3 --dryrun refresh

gen3 help

Show this README. You can also run gen3 COMMAND help for most commands:

ex: $ gen3 tfapply help
  gen3 tfapply:
    Run 'terraform apply' in the current workspace, and backup config.tfvars, backend.tfvars, and
    A typical command line is:
       terraform apply plan.terraform

More examples and use cases can be found on the gen3 help docs

gen3 workon aws-profile-name workspace-name

ex:$ gen3 workon cdistest plaxplanetv1

Enter (and initialize if necessary) a local workspace for working with the terraform resources under the AWS account accessible using the admin credentials under the aws-profile-name profile in ~/.aws/credentials. See tf_files/ for more details.

gen3 arun command arg1 arg2 ...

Generalization of gen3 aws ... just below, so gen3 arun aws arg1 arg2 ... is equivalent to gen3 aws arg1 arg2 ...

gen3 aws arg1 arg2 ...

Run the aws command with the given arguments after setting the environment to conform to the active workspace's ~/.aws/config profile - acquiring temporary credentials as necessary.

For example - gen3 workon cdistest devplanetv1 with the following configuration prompts the user for an MFA token, acquire a token for the role_arn specified by the cdistest profile, and cache the token (and auto renew when it expires):

[profile cdistest]
output = json
region = us-east-1
role_arn = arn:aws:iam::707767160287:role/csoc_adminvm
role_session_name = gen3-reuben
source_profile = csoc
mfa_serial = arn:aws:iam::433568766270:mfa/reuben-csoc

[profile csoc]
mfa_serial = arn:aws:iam::433568766270:mfa/reuben-csoc
# AWS_PROFILE=csoc aws sts get-session-token --serial-number arn:aws:iam::433568766270:mfa/reuben-csoc --token-code XXXX

Similarly, gen3 workon csoc cdistest_adminvm with the above profile prompts the user for an MFA token, then acquire and cache credentials.

Finally, gen3 workon cdistest devplanetv1 with the following configuration also acquires a token for the specified role, but uses credentials from the EC2 metadata service to assume the role rather than look for csoc credentials in ~/.aws/credentials.

[profile cdistest]
output = json
region = us-east-1
role_arn = arn:aws:iam::707767160287:role/csoc_adminvm
role_session_name = gen3-reuben
credential_source = Ec2InsanceMetadata

gen3 status

List the variables associated with the current gen3 workspace - ex:

$ gen3 status

gen3 ls [PROFILE]

List workspaces that have been worked on locally, and workspaces saved to S3 if for a given PROFILE - ex:

$ gen3 ls
local workspaces under /home/reuben/.local/share/gen3
cdistest    gen3test
cdistest    planxplanetv1

$ gen3 ls cdistest
cdistest profile workspaces under s3://cdis-state-ac707767160287-gen3
                           PRE devplanetv1/
                           PRE gen3test_databucket/
                           PRE qaplanetv1/
                           PRE raryav1/
                           PRE reuben_databucket/
                           PRE vpcoctettest/

cdistest profile workspaces under legacy path s3://cdis-terraform-state.account-707767160287.gen3
                           PRE fauziv1/
                           PRE planxplanet_user/

local workspaces under /home/reuben/.local/share/gen3
cdistest    devplanetv1

gen3 refresh

ex:$ gen3 refresh

Backup the local .tfvars files in the current workspace, and replace them with copies from s3 if available. You'll usually want to refresh your workspace when you return to it after some time away.

gen3 cd [home|workspace]

ex:$ gen3 cd workspace
ex:$ gen3 cd home
ex:$ gen3 cd  # defaults to workspace

This is just a little shortcut to 'cd' the shell to $GEN3_HOME or $GEN3_WORKDIR

Note: defaults to workspace if not home

gen3 tfplan

gen3 tfplan

Just a little wrapper around 'terraform plan' that passes the required flags, and bails out if the generated plan deletes AWS resources unless -f is given.

gen3 tfapply

Apply the last plan from gen3 tfplan, and perform supporting tasks:

  • backup tf config variable files to S3
  • auto-generate entries for ~/.ssh/config if not already present
  • rsync the terraform generated _output/ scripts to the k8s provisioner

gen3 g3k_testsuite

Test suite with mocks that work for local unit testing.

gen3 testsuite

Test suite assumes AWS and terraform access.


Open a bash shell on the cluster in an awshelper container: gen3 devterm

The devterm command can also pass a command to the bash shell (bash -c) - ex: gen3 devterm "nslookup fence-service"