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Collapsed Lung Segmentation using Hypercolumns
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  1. Fork the repository. image
  2. clone the repository.
  3. create a different branch. git checkout -b newbranch oldbranch
  4. Do the needful changes to solve the issue.
  5. commit the changes and open a pull request. git commit -m "description about changes" git push origin newbranch
  6. Making a pull request image
    • click on Compare and Pull Request image

This is the submission to a Kaggle competition. Thanks to Sathvik for his contributions.

Slides to my Talk

Hacktoberfest 2019 Contributors for this repo

  • PedroCisnerosSantana;
  • Phaturanganamal;
  • Pejasvisoi;
  • Pasanjayawickrama;
  • Pedrohugovm;
  • annamunhoz;

KWoC Contributors:

  • Pranshu Rastogi

If you want to see the public implementation you can go to the link

  • If end up with error in first cell in the public notebook then go through the following points
    1. first cell requires a kaggle.json file if you have a kaggle profile you can see this article to download the kaggle.json
    2. if you does not have a account and still want to run the notebook you can use the kaggle.json given in the repo.
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