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Music Recommender System
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Music recommender system.

Important Announcement for KWoC contributors

  • 1.This is my input data This is my playlist I feed it to
  • 2.Spotify has inhouse functions to extract track details. After I use Spotify API to fetch tracks and arrange it into a df
  • 3.This is the extracted dataframe Dataframe
  • 4.I do Data Analysis and use well known statistical techniques.


  • spotipy
 pip install spotipy

Voila! ,we convert this into a simple data analytics problem.Thanks to this Python wrapper Spotipy

Read more about Spotify's recommendation algorithm

Spotify Developer for more info


Before you follow the mentioned steps, make sure you read our Code of Conduct.

  1. Fork the repository. image
  2. clone the repository.
  3. create a different branch. git checkout -b newbranch oldbranch
  4. Do the needful changes to solve the issue.
  5. commit the changes and open a pull request. git commit -m "description about changes" git push origin newbranch
  6. Making a pull request image
    • click on Compare and Pull Request image

KWoC contributors

@sibasmarak - #15 @San-B-09 - #21

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