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Hertz, the WAV recorder
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.settings Use DTG parent pom and cleanup
img/screenshots Add screenshots uploaded to marketplace
src/uk/ac/cam/cl/dtg/android/audionetworking/hertz Use a notification to prevent hertz being garbage collected during re…
.classpath Classpath after update project configuration
.gitignore Use maven-android-plugin to build Hertz
.project Partial mavenisation and upgrade of Android api to version 10
AndroidManifest.xml Update version numbers for 1.2/4 release Update README for fixed bug
pom.xml Update android maven plugin version Use API version 4

Hertz, the WAV Recorder

The project website contains some further information.

This project is licenced under Apache 2.0

It was originally written by Rhodri Karim as part of a 10 week summer project.


  1. Fork it
  2. Make your changes
  3. Submit a pull request


  • Playback button when recording finished
  • Store and use last used sampling frequency
  • Pick and remember directory to record files to
  • Sound level meter
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