Chisel Installation

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This chapter is an installation guide for Chisel (Constructing Hardware In a Scala Embedded Language) and is intended to prepare your system for subsequent tutorials. Chisel is a hardware construction language embedded in the high-level programming language Scala.

Development Tool Installation

The chisel tutorials should be able to be run on a variety of modern systems.
For the most update instructions on preparing your machine for Chisel see Chisel Installation Preparation

Setting Up the Tutorial

In subsequent tutorials, you will be using the files distributed in the chisel-tutorial repository. To obtain these tutorial files, cd to the parent of the directory where you want to place the Chisel tutorial and type:

export DIR=~/chisel-workspace
mkdir -p $DIR
cd $DIR
git clone
cd chisel-tutorial

You will now be in your copy of the Chisel Tutorial repository will then be in $DIR/chisel-tutorial.
For later convenience, define this as a variable in your bash environment named TUT_DIR:

export TUT_DIR=$DIR/chisel-tutorial

This is the Chisel tutorial directory structure you should see, which is explained more in the next tutorial:


  • build.sbt # project description
  • doc/
  • src/
    • main/
      • scala/
        • examples/
          • More advanced example circuits are found here
        • problems/
          • A series of problem circuits to be completed by the user
        • solutions/ # solutions to problems
          • Solutions to the problems circuits
    • test/
      • resources/
        • Resources required by some of the tests
      • scala/
        • examples/
          • Test harnesses for the example circuits
        • problems/
          • Test harnesses for the problem circuits
        • solutions/
          • Test harnesses for the solution circuits
        • util/
          • TutorialRunner.scala

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