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Documentation for UC Berkeley Research-IT using GitHub Pages.
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Research-IT Documentation

Hosted at URL:

Documentation for UC Berkeley Research-IT using GitHub Pages.

Using GitHub Pages allows Research-IT to have a modern, extensible workflow and user-interface / user-experience (UI / UX). However, I (Olives) strongly encourage Research-IT to move away from GitHub due to the following concerns:

  1. GitHub's client-side code base is not open sourced, so we have no idea what e.g. JavaScript is running.

  2. Comparing repos

  3. GitLab Pages vs. GitHub Pages

Inspiration for User-interface of Docs

Look at how beautiful and user-friendly our documentation could be!

Advanced Research Computing Services at U. of Virginia

NERSC Documentation - using GitLab Pages


Example Webpages

Example Markdown versions of existing Research-IT docs:

Running R on Savio

The using-r-savio page was created by making a Markdown file with content copy-and-pasted from the HTML that can be found in a browser's developer options.

Running Jobs on Savio

The running-your-jobs page was made by a near direct copy-and-paste from the Drupal editor (select Markdown option) to GitHub Pages. Only slight editing to code snippets for job scripts using SLURM commands.

Also, can we please write in the style of:

job scripts using SLURM commands

And not:

SLURM job scripts

Reasoning: The former makes developing code and using these batch job scripts more intuitive to Savio users. It will help make it clear that non-SLURM commands / code can be included in these files. I.e. Not exclusive to SLURM commands.

Future Development

This site currently uses raw Markdown without any web UI / UX development, themes, or CSS. Next steps may involve using one of the supported themes for GitHub Pages.

Issue: need a way to preview webpages made before publishing

Feature: can develop a .md template with a header, footer, and menu (etc). New pages can be made by writing content that will be inserted into the wrapping template. This will allow a modularized and stream-lined workflow.

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