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Road Object Detection

We use the following 3 metrics to evaluate the performance of detection:

Average Precision (AP):

APIoU=.75 % AP at IoU=.75

Submission format

The entire result struct array is stored as a single JSON file (save via gason in Matlab or json.dump in Python).

      "name": str,
      "timestamp": 1000,
      "category": str,
      "bbox": [x1, y1, x2, y2],
      "score": float

Box coordinates are integers measured from the top left image corner (and are 0-indexed). [x1, y1] is the top left corner of the bounding box and [x2, y2] the lower right. name is the video name that the frame is extracted from. It composes of two 8-character identifiers connected '-', such as c993615f-350c682c. Candidates for category are ['bus', 'traffic light', 'traffic sign', 'person', 'bike', 'truck', 'motor', 'car', 'train', 'rider']. In the current data, all the image timestamps are 1000.


Both drivable area and semantic segmentation follow the same evaluation metric.

Following the practice of Cityscapes challenge, we calculate the intersection-over-union metric from PASCAL VOC across the whole test set, IoU=true positive/true positive+false positive+false negative.

Result files with filename "XXX*.png" where XXX is the corresponding name of test video (19-character identifier). The image size of results should be equal to the input image size. The encoding of labels should still be train_id, thus car should be 13.