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Update a PeopleSoft SIS environment with custom files

Create output files

Running the gulp command will create the dist directory with the following files:

  • JavaScript file to load all the custom assets: dist/sis_loadfiles.js
  • CSS file: dist/uc_sis.css
  • JavaScript file: dist/uc_sis.js
  • Optimized images under: dist/uc_images

Load Files

The dist/sis_loadfiles.js is used to inject the CSS & JavaScript onto the page

  1. Open app designer
  2. File -> Open
  3. Name = PT_COMMON
  4. Definition = HTML
  5. Replace the JavaScript on the bottom of the file

CSS / JavaScript / Images

Copy the files into their respective folder:

  • sis_cs.js into /bcs/app/psoft/dev/uc_cust/data/portal/js
  • sis_cs.css into /bcs/app/psoft/dev/uc_cust/data/portal/css
  • All images into /bcs/app/psoft/dev/uc_cust/data/portal/images