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@JackMorganNZ JackMorganNZ released this Jun 30, 2019 · 216 commits to develop since this release

  • Rebuild the CS Field Guide website to use an open source Django system based off CS Unplugged (see the GitHub milestone). Major features include:

    • Greatly improved translation features.
    • Allowing student and teacher pages to use the same URLs (switch between modes available in page footer).
    • Search functionality for English chapters.
  • Improve chapter content:

    • Chapters sections are now split across pages for better readability.
    • General content, grammar, and spelling fixes.
    • View glossary definitions within a page.
  • Introduce new chapter sections:

    • 'User experience' by Hayley van Waas for the Human Computer Interaction chapter.
    • 'General purpose compression' by Hayley van Waas for the Coding - Compression chapter.
  • Improve interactives:

    • Introduce automated thumbnail generator.
    • Introduce many 'uninteractives' – allowing image text to be translated.
    • Update existing interactives for better accessi.
  • Introduce new interactives:

    • Algorithm Timer
    • Braille Alphabet
    • City Trip
    • Dictionary Compression
    • Dot combinations
    • LZSS compression
    • LZW Compression
    • Pixel Grid
  • Remove obsolete interactives:

    • MD5-hash
    • ncea-guide-selector
    • ziv-lempel-coding
  • Redesign homepage.

  • Update documentation and contributing guides.

  • Update contributors page.

  • Improve licencing structure to make it easier to find and navigate on GitHub.

  • Rename '2D Arrow Manipulations' interactive to '2D Shape Manipulations.

  • Introduce initial German and Spanish translations.

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