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@JackMorganNZ JackMorganNZ released this Apr 29, 2016 · 5271 commits to master since this release

Release date: 5th February 2016

Notable changes:

  • First open source release
  • Produces both student and teacher versions
  • Produces landing page for selecting language
  • Added new NCEA curriculum guides on Encryption and Human Computer Interaction


  • Modified process of creating CSFG versions cffc973
  • Added link to student page from teacher pages 49531ac
  • Only display teacher panels in teacher version 345b25d
  • Add link to teacher version (fixes #206) b99fe5a
  • Display teacher version in sidebar (fixes #207) 2fd95c1
  • Added teacher subtitle to homepage (fixes #207) 667bf67
  • Added link to CSFG teachers group f8a9629
  • Draft for Encryption guide for NCEA (RSA) ff05e51
  • Added license and sources to xkcd comics (fixes #200) 441feec
  • Added site search by custom google search (fixes #191) c520fd7
  • Altered dot-combinations image to shrink vertically b38260b
  • Tidied code regarding panels a38a55b
  • Minor wording fixes to NCEA TSP assessment guide 3cabead
  • Added custom colour scheme for teacher version da1e63c
  • Updated teacher panels to match colour scheme 872e058
  • Modified version variable to store string in lower case fc49335
  • Added documentation for conditional tag 5293d7e
  • Expanded version and conditional content tag names for readability 24995d8
  • Modified size of embedded videos 5fd3a9c
  • Data Representation: Fixed broken syntax and add links to interactives 43e7b6a
  • Modified links to old CSFG to use correct link aece47c
  • Made landing page easier to read 89bd95b
  • Added useful links to 404 page 1038919
  • Added link to calculator interactive and fixed button spacing 76b8d8f
  • Added info text to section landing pages (fixes #212) 2cfc5e2
  • Added footer information to landing page (fixes #210) 1b16d36
  • Added Achieved guide for NCEA 2.44 HCI 493761c
  • Removed level 2 guides which do not satisfy 2.44 5ffd8e4
  • Clarified release process in regards to pull requests 8816da5
  • Added homepage button animation 99a4e6b
  • Added documentation about release process 4869bfb
  • Resized buttons on landing page b10ba16

The first major step in releasing a open source version of the Computer Science Field Guide.
While some content (most notably interactives) have yet to be added to the new system, we are releasing this update for New Zealand teachers to use at the beginning of their academic year.
For any interactives that are missing, links are in place to the older interactives.

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