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@JackMorganNZ JackMorganNZ released this Apr 29, 2016 · 5210 commits to master since this release

Release date: 12th February 2016

Downloads: Source available on GitHub

Notable changes:

  • Fixed many broken links and typos from 2.0.0
  • Added calculator interactives to Introduction
  • Added RSA key generator to Encryption
  • Rewritten Braille Section in Data Representation


  • Caesar cipher interactives run in iframe (fixes #224) 17086ee
  • Split calculators in introduction chapter (fixes #228) b858916
  • Added rsa-jsencrypt interactive (RSA using real world library) 8983e49
  • Updated rsa-key-generator README 56d48fe
  • Added key size option to generator b32575e
  • Correct youtube link by replacing %2F with / 30ab814 - Thanks ArloL
  • Added RSA key generator (fixes #16) 6a8fb42
  • Add license information for jsencrypt.js 156839f
  • Disabled copy buttons until after key generation 770d8ea
  • Added basic RSA key generation 247e5ef
  • Updated rsa-key-generator to MaterializeCSS 0a685eb
  • Removed debugging logs 192fb5e
  • Fixed deceiver interactive not detecting odd values (fixes #223) b2b5aef
  • Added reset button to checksum-calculator 28549e9
  • Added awful-calculator to chapter (fixes #59) e4020a5
  • Altered awful-calculator to match text description 05b9418
  • Fixed whitespace and character issues when viewed in page eac58d1
  • Finished working awful-calculator interactive 108ec53
  • Styled calculator output c1f2360
  • Updated awful-calculator CSS styling baf27e7
  • Switched multiply and divide symbols to unicode characters d4fdcec
  • Switched awful-calcultor to MaterializeCSS b529f3a
  • Rewritten Braille Section of Data Representation d3e6d63
  • Brooks' law adjusted f1c3d91
  • Added SSCC to list of numbers with check digits aa771cc
  • Dynalab removed from Formal Languages chapter b93aa45
  • Fixed dead links from 2.0.0 (fixes #216) 6bd461e
  • Added details on how to escape closing brackets in link URLs 4397ac8
  • Fixed comma in wrong spot within number 72bfe28
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