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@JackMorganNZ JackMorganNZ released this
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Release date: 19th February 2016

Notable changes:

  • New interactive: Parity trick with separate modes for practicing setting parity, practicing detecting parity, and the whole trick. Also has a sandbox mode.
  • Updated interactives: Two colour mixers, one for RGB and one for CMY have been added.
  • Updated interactive: A colour matcher interactive has been added for matching a colour in both 24 bit and 8 bit.
  • Updated interactive: A python interpreter interactive has been added for the programming languages chapter.
  • Website improvements: Code blocks now have syntax highlighting when a language is specified, dropdown arrows are fixed in Mozilla Firefox browsers, and whole page interactives now have nicer link buttons.


  • Added first version of parity-sandbox interactive ba272c3
  • Fixed parity-sandbox interactive size b18a688
  • Modified feedback message for clarity 00d4bbc
  • Added parity interactive (set parity mode) fa96933
  • Removed test.js file 6553070
  • Added sandbox mode to parity interactive 5a204e9
  • Added first stages of parity trick 7c0fc84
  • Added parity trick to parity interactive 41162cf
  • Changed reset text to 'Start Over' d171802
  • Added description text for detect stage eda494e
  • Add detect only mode to parity interactive dbe5bc9
  • Removed wave effect from interactive buttons ef1d1e7
  • Shrunk feedback in parity interactive for readability 346a28f
  • Removed dark wave effect from buttons de8812a
  • Added size control to set and trick modes 8313616
  • Hide grid size selector during confusation stage 6d3a15d
  • Increased readability of confusation and bit borders 2b4d5de
  • Fixed links to interactives in Computer Vision chapter 51195c5
  • Fixed dropdown arrows in sidebar on Firefox browsers 8664951
  • Fixed section links in curriculum guides (fixes #205) 65936af
  • Fixed dropdown arrows rendering incorrectly in Firefox 53002d5
  • Added CMY mixer interactive (fixes #35) 176ea4f
  • Added RGB mixer interactive (fixes #36) a0dadd7
  • Altered JS function within interactive to avoid conflicts 901e173
  • Removed logging statement cf9a2ac
  • Added colour matcher interactive (fixes #38) 352b961
  • Added link to interactive in chapter 5c2a933
  • Added help/hint stages to colour-matcher be03873
  • Tidied colour-matcher interface ee450d0
  • Increased aesthetics of colour-matcher 20f60c0
  • Added links to program downloads (fixes #237) 0228451
  • Added code syntax highlighting 5194ff9
  • Added documentation on code syntax highlighting 7cbe9ae
  • Fixed code type for syntax highlighting 04883ed
  • Added python-interpreter interactive (fixes #196) 413008e
  • Added syntax highlighting to code in programming languages chapter b426d85
  • Remove any empty <p></p> tags 0de2824
  • Fixed labels on 8 bit sliders b0ce415
  • Make colours harder to match with 8 bits 0f90418
  • Added clearer help messages to colour-matcher 092b7f7
  • Altered how <pre> blocks look on mobile devices 2459d82
  • Added nicer buttons to whole page interactives ecc4137
  • Updated version number for 2.0.2 cd61d7f
  • Fixed confusing input colour in payment-interface (fixes #109) 84d986b
  • Added thumbnails to whole page interactives (fixes #227) f5e792a
  • Added manual parsing of code blocks ba036a7
  • [Linear search Python2] Code readability improvement e9014eb - Thanks ner0x652
  • Naming incosistency 08dfd4e - Thanks ner0x652
  • Remove unnecessary parenthesis. For a reader that does not know Python 97b27a4 - Thanks ner0x652
  • Added parity trick interactive to error control chapter c986695
  • Added thumbnail to parity interactive 3162254