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@JackMorganNZ JackMorganNZ released this May 13, 2016 · 4786 commits to master since this release

Release date: 13th May 2016

Notable changes:

  • The Data Representation chapter has been rewritten and reorganised to be easier to follow, and three NCEA assessment guides have been written for students aiming for merit/excellence:

    • Numbers (Two's Complement)
    • Text (Unicode)
    • Colours (Various bit depths)

    The chapter and assessment guides have been rewritten to take account of new feedback from the marking process and our own observations of student work.

    As part of the rewrite of the Data Representation chapter, the following interactives were developed:

    • New interactive: The unicode binary interactive displays the binary for a given character (or character by decimal number) dynamically with different encodings.
    • New interactive: The unicode character interactive displays the character for a given decimal value.
    • New interactive: The unicode length interactive displays the length (in bits) of text encoded using different encodings.
    • Updated interactive: The colour matcher interactive has been redesigned to display values in binary, plus allow students to see and edit the bit values. The interface has also been restructured for readability and ease of use.

    The old version of the Data Representation chapter can be found here.

  • Website improvements: A new image previewer was implemented, along with bugfixes to iFrame and panel rendering.

  • Generation improvements: The Markdown parser has been replaced due to existing parsing issues. The new parser also gives us a large performance boost. A text box tag has also been added to highlight important text.

A full list of changes in this version is available on GitHub.

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