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Release date: 16th June 2016

Notable changes:

  • New feature: PDF output - A downloadable PDF of both student and teacher versions is now available from the homepage. The PDF also functions well as an ebook, with functional links to headings, glossary entries, interactives, and online resources.
  • New feature: Printer friendly webpages - When printing a page of the CSFG through a browser, the page displays in a printer friendly manner by hiding navigational panels, opening all panels, and providing extra links to online resources.
  • New interactive: The binary cards interactive emulates the Binary Cards CS Unplugged activity, used to teach binary numbers.
  • New interactive: The high score boxes interactive was developed to give an example of searching boxes to find a maximum value to the student.
  • New interactive: The action menu interactive is a small dropdown menu with one option that has severe consequences, but no confirmation screen if user selects that option (used to demonstrate a key HCI concept).
  • Updated interactive: The trainsylvania interactive (and supporting images/files) have been given a fresh coat of colour and a new station name.
  • Updated interactive: The trainsylvania planner interactive is used alongside the trainsylvania interactive, and allows the user to input a path of train trips to see the resulting destination.
  • Updated interactive: The base calculator allows a student to calculate a number, using a specific number base (binary, hexadecimal, etc).
  • Updated interactive: The big number calculator allows a student to perform calculations with very large numbers/results.
  • Website improvements: Redesigned homepage and footer with useful links and a splash of colour. Math equations are now line wrapped, and MathJax is loaded from a CDN. Images can now have text wrapped around them on a page.
  • Generation improvements: Improvements to internal link creation (glossary links in particular). Separated dependency installation from generation script (see documentation for how to install and run generation script).
  • Project improvements: Added documentation for contributing to and developing this project, including a code of conduct.

A full list of changes in this version is available on GitHub.