UC Davis Bioinformatics Core

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Collection of scripts and tools used within the UC Davis Bioinformatics Core

Updated Jul 28, 2016


template for bioinformatics workshop documentation using jekyll + markdown

Updated Jul 21, 2016


forked from vsbuffalo/scythe

A 3'-end adapter contaminant trimmer

Updated Jun 16, 2016

Perl 6 5


collection of scripts and commands used by Ian Korf, Keith Bradnam, and Joe Fass in the analysis of Assemblathon 2 entries (assemblies)

Updated May 14, 2015


forked from najoshi/sickle

Windowed Adaptive Trimming for fastq files using quality

Updated Feb 25, 2015


framework for testing various strategies related to correction of PacBio reads (via Illumina reads) and subsequent use in assembly

Updated Apr 23, 2013


forked from najoshi/sabre

A barcode demultiplexing and trimming tool for FastQ files

Updated May 30, 2012


forked from vsbuffalo/qrqc

Quick Read Quality Control

Updated May 30, 2012

Python 7 3


forked from vsbuffalo/alignerviz

A simple tool to visualize sequences using Vlachos et al's technique

Updated Feb 10, 2011

Python 2 5


forked from vsbuffalo/sam2counts

Count number of mapped reads per reference in SAM files (often for RNA-Seq experiments)

Updated Oct 26, 2010

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