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jQuery plugin for interactive SVG maps. Wayfinding provides the shortest route through a series of one or more svg maps. It supports client side map processing or pretraversal of the maps with the server holding the cached traversals. It is useful for kiosks and interactive digital signage, but can also be used to share mobile maps.

SVG File An example screenshot from a svg file

Resulting Map with Route A screenshot showing the same region of the map with a route displayed

Developed at the UCD School of Law: https://law.ucdavis.edu/information-technology/projects/wayfinding.html

Additional contributions from UCD Division of Social Science IT: https://it.dss.ucdavis.edu/

Demo will be placed at : http://ucdavis.github.io/wayfinding/ -- demo to be incorporated into this project and revamped to be part of tests