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This repository will contain code examples and discussion topics for the winter 2019 quarter.
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Code examples and discussion topics for iOS Development.

Session 1:

Session 2:

  • Scroll View App: In which we will save an endangered species of dragons by implementing a scroll view

Session 3:

  • Podcast Picker: An app where we fetch a list of comedy podcasts and display them in a table view.

Session 4:

  • View Magic Guide: A tab-based guide to custom drawing, view layers, a few types of animations, and gesture recognizers!

Session 5:

  • Stack View Demo: An app for demonstrating the magic of stack views

  • Charting: A tab-based guide to bar charts, line charts, and pie charts using the iOS Charts library.

  • Fruit Split: A split view app for looking at weird pictures of fruits.

  • CocoaPodsInstallation: Example app from class code-along about installing third party libraries

  • SplitViewDemo: Example app from class code-along about creating a split view controller

Session 6:

  • Angry Birds: The app that Angry Birds should have been, featuring UICollectionViews and resource-efficient image networking!
  • Custom Control: In which we perform exciting view pyrotechnics, review CALayers, and learn about making our own delegates.

Class Activity Survey #2

Session 7:

  • In My Feelings Challenge: A feelings journal app whose master branch does not persist the entries. The branches user-defaults, file-manager, and core-data demonstrate how to persist data in each of those ways.

Session 8:

  • Bird Feeder: An app where you can put out birdseed and receive notifications when birds arrive.
  • Custom Notification App: An example setup for a customized notification alert!
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