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Adding a new Zoom meeting Activity

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  1. Click the Turn editing on button in the upper right-hand corner of your site page.
  2. Go to the Site menu and choose a location (Week or Topic) for your new Zoom meeting.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the section you've selected and click on the Add an activity or resource button.
  4. Select Zoom meeting from the Add an activity or resource pop-up window.


  1. Click Add and a new screen will appear where you can create your Zoom meeting.

Setting up a Zoom meeting

  1. Provide a Topic for the meeting (required field).

Adding a new Zoom meeting

Settings for your meeting


  1. When: select a date and time for the meeting.
  2. Duration: specify how long the meeting will last.
  3. Recurring meeting: create a meeting with no end date (i.e., the meeting "room" is always open/available.
  4. Password: requires participants to input a password in order to access the meeting.
  5. Host video: choose whether the host's video should be on or off when entering the meeting.
  6. Participants video: choose whether a participant's video should be on or off when entering the meeting.
  7. Audio options: choose whether participants can join the meeting by phone, over the computer or use both options.
  8. Meeting option: select Enable join before host if you want attendees to be able to join the meeting before the host, or if the host cannot attend.
  9. When you are done setting up your meeting, click either Save and return to course or Save and display to add your Zoom meeting to the course.
  • There are a number of optional settings for your Zoom meeting including under Grade, Common Module Settings and Restrict Access
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