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The <h1#header> entity forms a top bar that spans full width across the top of mobile pages in the framework. This top bar includes a gradient, using -moz and -webkit style attributes when possible, otherwise reverting to a solid color similar to the intended gradient.


This entity should be used on every page of the framework application. It creates a unified feel between all pages and, through the back button included with this element, links all pages back to the landing page.


UCLA Newsroom Header

Replace {MODULE_TITLE} with a particular module's title. Replace {MOBILE_DOMAIN} with a particular University's mobile domain name.

<h1 id="header">
    <a href="http://{MOBILE_DOMAIN}"> 
        <img src="http://{MOBILE_DOMAIN}/assets/img/{LOGO_IMG}" alt="{ALT_TAG}" width="75" height="35">

There are no variations of this style. It is intended to be universal between pages.

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