Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 12 09

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5919 Math Science Building


Conference Line: 888-921-8686

Conference ID: 3102061670

Elluminate Session:

Initiative Updates

  • UCLA is in the midst of an MWF contest
  • Upcoming MWF presentations at UC Berkeley and UC Davis
  • Mobile Web Response System Software Requirements Specification complete (update below)
  • Meeting is going to be rescheduled for the new year - Doodle link will be sent out soon.
  • MWF support & development IRC channel on #mwf

Framework Updates

  • MWF 1.2.08
    • Released November 30
    • Minor bug fixes and excision of dead code
    • Not a critical update for service providers
  • MWF 1.2.07
    • Critical if using protocol-less URLs or image compressor in PHP < 5.3
  • MWF 1.2.06
    • Critical release
    • Support for cross-domain content provider when service provider hasn't already been visited
    • Security fix to ensure GD does not consume inordinate system memory
  • MWF 1.3
    • Messages API
    • Forms API
    • Native Container
    • Device Telemetry Stack
    • Javascript Decorators
    • Javascript Interactivity Libraries
    • User-customizable Splash Page
    • Lean CSS Markup Entities
    • Javascript Unit Tests
    • Javascript Preferences
    • Javascript-based Handlers

Mobile Web Response System

  • MWRS 0.9
    • Target release in Q1 2012
    • Anonymous poll participation
      • Listed public polls
      • Unlisted public poll
      • Password-restricted poll
      • Authentication-restricted poll
    • Software Requirements Specification now available for review
    • Software Design Description in progress
  • MWRS 1.0
    • Target release in Q3 2012
    • User/group driven poll participation

Campus & Unit Updates


  • Appcache + Google touch-event handling + Javascript-driven interface for faster response time.
  • Appcache handler is ready for code review
  • Proposed name "Configurable Home Page" instead of "User-Configurable Splash Page"
  • needs mobile redirect script on it
  • Question on license "Powered by" requirement - current legal name is UCLA Mobile Web Framework but desire to change this
  • New apps in the works: UCSD (and UC-wide) TV, Weather, Calendars & Events
  • Redesigning campus homepage with responsive design techniques and question on how do we brand this versus
  • Proposed Agenda Item: above question - UCLA is looking at this too
  • MWF Core and MWRS development
  • MWF 1.2 version of UCLA Mobile will be available for CP testing
  • Rose to send polls about next year's event scheduling around
  • Rose to share data from LMS-collected student feedback
  • To ask Joe about production launch date
  • Documentation discrepancy for transition effects (full_libs versus webkit_libs)