Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: MWF Core Developer's Meeting 2012 01 26

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  • Eric Bollens
  • Ike Lin
  • Rich Trott
  • Logan Franken
  • Mojgan Amini
  • Keri Bradford

MWF 1.3


Forms UI/JS [Ike]

  • Feature branch - submitted JIRA tickets to merge
  • Rich merged into ucsf/develop yesterday
  • Discussion about label and placeholder - should not use placeholder as label
  • Ike upgraded Modernizr to prerelease - passes all the unit tests but one: flexbox.
  • Rich proposes pulling flexbox since feature is shifting too much.

Customizable Home Screen [Rich]

  • Name change from "splash page" to "home screen"
  • On UCSF roadmap for a couple

JS Interactivity [Eric]

Extrication of Decorators [Eric]

  • UCSF requested soon for Drupal module
  • Eric to work on

Basic Native Container [Zorayr]

  • Nothing has changed in the code base
  • Rich or Zorayr will get to this

Valid phpDoc [Eric]

  • Need to fix these.

Acceptance Test [Rich]

  • Basically done in terms of basic implementation.
  • Would be nice to have more tests - three right now, and one more.

Lightning Touch [Rich]

  • To pull out of UCSF branch, ideally, and make it universal.


Lean CSS [Eric]

Messages UI [Ike]

JS Unit Tests [Rich]

JS Preferences [Rich]


JS-based Handler [Eric]

App Store

  • Rich is doing customizable home screen in 1.3, and will then evolve into this

MWF 1.2

MWF 1.2.11

  • Release next Wednesday

FQDN with port name (#77) [Eric]

  • Parsing issue - should be straightforward to fix

Geolocation bug (#63) [Logan]

  • Bouncing back error message instead of object
  • New method getCurrentPosition passes back the error object
  • One caveat: we pass back an error if there is no support for geolocation - for this one error, we pass back an anonymous error object. Doesn't think this is an issue because people won't likely be expecting a particular type, as the interface will still be implemented. Will use error code 2 (POSITION_UNAVAILABLE).
  • Also to fix call without errback

Image Compressor (#84) [Eric]

  • Eric to look at URL she provides and determine if image looks different on iPhone 4S + iOS 5.