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Community: meeting agendas and notes: developer's meeting 2012 02 01

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  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Jody Tate (UW)
  • Richard Trott (UCSF)
  • Darrow Cole (UCLA Library)
  • David George (UCLA Anderson)

Table of Contents



  • Start: 10:00 AM
  • End: 11:30 AM
  • 5919 Math Science Building

Initiative Updates

  • MWF Community Planning Session occurred on January 31
    • Discussion about subgroups, including the goals of this particular one
    • Solidification of the software development lifecycle through 2012

Framework Updates

  • MWF 1.2.11
    • Released February 1
    • Fix for bug when using non-standard ports with a FQDN url path
    • Minor typographic changes to license to clean up ambiguity
  • MWF 1.3
    • Release dates set:
      • Beta: April 11
      • Release Candidate: May 2
      • Golden Master: ~ May 16
    • Complete
      • Lean CSS Entities
      • Messages API
      • Javascript Unit Tests
      • Javascript Preferences
    • Under review
      • Forms UI and Javascript libraries
    • Under development
      • Javascript Interactivity Libraries
      • Javascript Decorators
      • Basic Native Container
      • User-customizable Home Screen
    • Delayed
      • Javascript-based handlers
      • App Store
  • MWRS 0.9
    • Development continuing
  • Device Telemetry Stack
    • Approved for a BSD license
    • Will be extricated and packaged by end of February
    • Changes to capabilities especially for performance speedup over MWF version
    • MWF will implement the DTS rather than envelope it

Campus & Unit Updates

  • UCLA
    • Daryl Cole: Library moving website to Drupal and looking to mobilize
      • Rich Trott (UCSF): is working on a mobile module that will produce
    • David George: Can Anderson envelope the directory?
      • Eric: Will provide a directory that is styled/linked for Anderson.
    • David George: Checking on status of accordion?
      • Eric: Will be in MWF 1.3.
  • UCSF
    • Just launched two application wrappers (iOS and Android)
    • Trying to do outreach to developers outside the group
  • UCSB
    • Upgraded to MWF 1.2.10
    • Launching six sites or so in the next few weeks starting with student affairs focus
  • UW
    • Getting framework installed in a central location and socializing it
    • Doing some evangelism for the direction that they're headed
      • Eric: Will send presentations used in the past for evangelism up.


  • Provide a single MWF instance or multiple instances for different minor release versions?
    • Will wait for a future meeting UCSD is present for.
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