Community: meeting agendas and notes: developer's meeting 2012 02 15

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Table of Contents


  • Eric Bollens (UCLA)
  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Dave George (UCLA)
  • Joseph Maddela (UCLA)
  • Rich Trott (UCSF)
  • Sara Leavitt (UCB)
  • Edward (UCLA)



  • Start: 10:00 AM
  • End: 11:30 AM
  • 5919 Math Science Building

Framework Updates

  • MWF 1.2.12
    • Released February 6
    • Fixing bad edge condition redirect loop in mwf.server
    • Fixing bad edge case on pathing for dynamic write of js_unset_override.php
    • Added htmlspecialchars() sanitization to URLs in Menu_Site_Decorator (BUG!)
    • More error processing added to geolocation API
  • MWF 1.2.13
    • Release February 15
    • Fix to bug in Menu_Site_Decorator introduced by htmlspecialchars() in 1.2.12.
    • Updates to in-line documentation.
  • MWF 1.2.x
    • Refactor coming for vars.php - still some development issues to sort out
  • MWF 1.3
    • Release dates set:
      • Beta: April 11
      • Release Candidate: May 2
      • Golden Master: ~ May 16
    • Complete
      • Lean CSS Entities
      • Messages API
      • Javascript Unit Tests
      • Javascript Preferences
    • Under review
      • Forms UI and Javascript libraries
    • Under development
      • Javascript Interactivity Libraries
      • Javascript Decorators
      • Basic Native Container
      • User-customizable Home Screen
    • Delayed
      • Javascript-based handlers
      • App Store

Other Project Updates

  • MWF Decorators (MWFD)
    • Alpha version at
    • Include the autoload file and then start using the MWFD_ classes directly or the MWFD factory class
    • Only compatible with MWF 1.3, and not backwards compatible with MWF 1.2
    • Appears to be working correctly (from entity tests), but could use more testing
    • No major features slated for change, so can be called alpha
  • Device Telemetry Stack
    • Approved for a BSD license
    • Under development at
    • A few issues to handle still before this is ready for use
    • MWF 1.4 will implement the DTS rather than envelope it
  • MWRS 0.9
    • Under development at
    • Repository is private, so contact Eric for access
    • Service layer response logic in progress by Eric
    • Mobile client development in progress by Jackson and Eric C

Initiative Updates

  • As per the MWF community meeting:
    • Rich is going to be taking up lead of this, the Developer Support subgroup.
    • MWRS subgroup renamed to the Mobile Applications subgroup.
    • MWF core development subgroup remains unchanged, except with an expanding purview with MWFD and DTS.



  • Working alpha-type pilot of the Drupal module that produces MWF-compliant code
    • The Drupal module will use MWFD but is not at the moment
    • Probably can't release for a few months but will share with interested parties
    • Allows a content provider to enter a bunch of data and it will format with MWF markup
    • In order for it to work, you need an MWF installation running somewhere
    • This fills the need for non-technical people to be able to update content in MWF
  • Lightning touch is getting factored out so that others can use it
    • Running into esoteric bugs on the Android platform
  • Refactoring vars.php
    • To discuss more at Core Dev scrum
  • Working on a site for CalDay
    • Including different components on the mobile and the desktop
    • Interested in a server-side solution
    • Eric proposed using the redirect parameter with session variables set by a GET parameter to track mobile versus desktop
    • Eric to send conference site code to Sara
  • Financial aid site now mobile
    • Using in-house CMS - was able to push some directly to mobile site for easy transition
    • This allows for non-technical staff to update
    • Javascript hack that adds override redirect GET parameter to some URLs to make sure they don't end up in loop to get redirected back to the mobile website so staff doesn't have to update links to avoid the looping
    • Some places where pages aren't mobile yet
  • Other websites chugging along within the next couple weeks
  • UCLA Communications going through a redesign of the Gateway
    • New site is going to be responsive - so where does the mobile version fit?
    • Utility applications [MWF] versus rendering the site [responsive]
    • Rollout should be mid-March


  • Provide a single MWF instance or multiple instances for different minor release versions?
  • Desktop as additive (fourth class) or multiplicative (six classes)?
    • Conceptually, this is multiplicative, and consensus is to approach it as such
    • Can add convenience parameters later to make this easier
  • Sara: At some point, let's have a responsive design versus MWF decision
    • Eric: MWF was built to make it easy to make a mobile app, while responsive design presents content in a more reasonable way by the size of the device
    • Joseph: UCLA Gateway will provide the ability to view full desktop version, responsive design, and utility applications.
  • Dave: How are iPads handled?
    • Eric: Just like iPhone