Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 02 09

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  • Eric Bollens
  • Logan Franken
  • Ike Lin
  • Ed Sakabu

Table of Contents

MWF 1.3


Customizable Home Screen [Rich]

  • From last meeting:
    • Did some cleanup to UCSF codebase so can get started on this now
    • Prototype in two week
JS Interactivity [Eric]
  • No updates
Basic Native Container [Zorayr]
  • From last meeting:
    • Nothing has changed in the code base
    • Rich or Zorayr will get to this
Valid phpDoc [Eric]
  • From last meeting:
    • Need to fix these.
Acceptance Test [Rich]
  • From last meeting:
    • Rich to merge into develop after getting someone at UCSF to evaluate
Lightning Touch [Rich]
  • From last meeting:
    • It's already done so just need to refactor
    • Probably before customizable home screen


Forms UI/JS [Ike]

Lean CSS [Eric]

Messages UI [Ike]

JS Unit Tests [Rich]

JS Preferences [Rich]


JS-based Handler [Eric]

App Store

MWF 1.2

MWF 1.2.12

  • Released on Monday
  • Bug in refresh logic for mwf.server and js_unset_override.php dynamic write
  • Added Rich's htmlspecialchars() sanitization to Menu_Site_Decorator - but this broke something.
  • More of geolocation API - anything else on the horizon for geolocation?
    • Logan clarified one more thing to possibly look at: unit test structure (semantic difference, not functional)

MWF 1.2.13

  • Coming next Wednesday
  • Fix for urlencode fix in 1.2.12?


  • Development version of DTS available at
    • Some significant changes still to make for defining it as a truly standalone package
  • Alpha version of MWF Decorators (extricated) available at
    • Include the autoload file and then start using the MWFD_ classes directly or MWFD factory class
    • Only for MWF 1.3, not backwards compatible with MWF 1.2
    • Appear to be working correctly (from entities test), but could use more testing
    • No major features slated for change, so can be called "alpha"
  • Programming has begun on MWRS mobile client has begun by Jackson and Eric C
  • Eric B to pick up MWRS service early next week
  • Rich has been talking about an MWF Drupal module - now that decorators are extricated, can this move forward?
  • Logan working on a .NET control for static/Google map switcher - update?