Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 03 01

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  • Eric Bollens
  • Mojgan Amini
  • Logan Franken
  • Rich Trott
  • Ed Sakabu
  • Ike Lin

Table of Contents

MWF 1.3


Customizable Home Screen [Rich]

  • This is implemented at UCSF on staging environment
  • Definitely some UI niceties that should happen
  • Rich considering making this draggable - might not make it in until 1.3.x
  • Need to add a reset button
JS Interactivity [Eric]
  • No updates
Basic Native Container [Zorayr]
  • Would it make sense to forestall and release at later date in separate package?
Valid phpDoc [Eric]
  • This will wait until the GM release in May
Acceptance Test [Rich]
  • Rich to put together a video on using them - what's the URL?
Lightning Touch [Rich]
  • This touches a lot of things: HTML 5 history object, page loads before views (changes to analytics), vars.php
  • As of two weeks ago:
    • Did the vars.php helper - need to merge to develop to move forward
    • Some changes to analytics to come
    • Got permission
    • It is now merged
  • Coming next:
    • Some refactoring
    • Making some stuff more configurable
    • Extricating UCSF-specific stuff
  • Undecided if history object needs to be wrapped into it or two different files
JS Test Coverage [Ike]
  • Needed a driver to cover - wasn't sure how to move forward
  • Rich clarified with a zshell script:
    • Instrument all the Javascript (put markers to know what lines have executed)
    • Copy over the instrumented source files over the instrumented minify files.
    • Don't use instrumented unit test files.
  • Updates to Javascript libraries were because Rich was trying to up
  • 92% coverage: telemetry and override are the only parts that are not covered
  • Rich proposes that now that we've got coverage, let's delete the branch
MWD Decorators [Eric]
  • Eric to look into how to decouple and yet include
Form Decorator [Ike]
  • Ported the forms demo to use the forms decorator
  • Rich used this and confirms it needs to be working
  • Action Item: Want to go back over the API to make sure its consistent


Forms UI/JS [Ike]

Lean CSS [Eric]

Messages UI [Ike]

JS Unit Tests [Rich]

JS Preferences [Rich]


JS-based Handler [Eric]

App Store

MWF 1.2

MWF 1.2.13

  • Released on March 1
  • Fixes:
    • Transitions
    • Touch Transitions
    • Menu decorator sanitizations

MWF 1.2.14

  • Fix in 1.2.13 fixed a bug that wasn't a bug, but rather a misuse of the decorator
    • Will be "unfixed" in next release and Rich to clarify with Sara on the motivating reason for this


  • Development version of DTS available at
    • Some significant changes still to make for defining it as a truly standalone package
    • A number of changes have been committed by Rich into MWF that need to merge to DTS
  • Alpha version of MWF Decorators (extricated) available at
    • Interest voiced at the MWF Drupal meeting, so will be interested to hear their outcome
  • MWRS development is continuing at
  • Request access from Eric Bollens if desired and do not have it
  • Eric B has completed a number of services
    • poll/id, poll/hash, poll/search, poll/respond, poll/open, poll/close, poll/activate, poll/deactivate, poll/create, poll/edit
    • Number of changes logged to make to modify the Services API Specification based on dev to date
  • Jackson and Eric C are working on mobile client
    • Participation features are roughly complete - minor refactor will be necessary for some discrepancies
    • Work has now begun on poll management functionality
  • MWF Drupal user group met last week
    • Interest in using MWFD, even if UCSF's initial pass at it didn't use it
    • Talk of both modules and themes - one proposal was to have a configuration module, a set of themes, ... (?)