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Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 04 05

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  • Eric Bollens
  • Rich Trott
  • Ike Lin
Notes from last meeting:
  • Last meeting, we got side-tracked on a couple side-items and did not have time for updates on each feature. Therefore, things listed as "last meeting" on the last set of minutes are listed the same again this time.

Table of Contents

MWF 1.3


Customizable Home Screen [Rich]

  • It's sitting in the form decorator refactor
Form Decorator [Ike]
  • Rich is pretty happy with this
  • Not sure about some of the method names at this point
  • Issue 1: Review the method names
  • Issue 2: Using an Input decorator, we provide set_checkbox(), set_textarea(), etc.
JS Interactivity [Eric]
  • Last meeting: Trigger-target engine has been implemented
  • Working on writing the drivers for expandable and transitions - some difficulties with CSS 3 animations
Valid phpDoc [Eric]

Lightning Touch [Rich]

  • No progress
MWF Decorators [Eric]
  • No update
Cache Object [Rich]
  • Last meeting: Pull request for develop to provide a caching interface
  • Last meeting: Doesn't even have a method for saving objects into cache yet, just tracking the directory to use
  • Last meeting: Eric proposes Disk_Cache rather than Cache and Rich agrees
  • Last meeting: Eric asks why it doesn't use standard cache methods - Rich isn't sure we need them yet
  • Last meeting: Rich will add a function to put something into the cache
  • All changes from last time made and Pull Request oustanding
  • ACTION ITEM [trott]: Merge this
Warn on Inner HTML Content [Rich]
  • Throws an E_USER_NOTICE
  • ACTION ITEM [trott]: Merge this
  • Android 2.2/3 screen size [Rich]
    • Feature proposal: instead of returning false, maybe return the unreliable figure
    • No updates on this yet - probably something we can wait on until we hear of a need
    • Leaving this alone until later
  • Padded to be made the default in MWF 1.3 [Eric]
  • Add support for button inside of content [Eric]
  • Fix H entity issue [Eric]


Forms UI/JS [Ike]

Lean CSS [Eric]

Messages UI [Ike]

JS Unit Tests [Rich]

JS Preferences [Rich]

JS Test Coverage [Ike]

Acceptance Test [Rich]


JS-based Handler [Eric]

App Store

MWF 1.2

MWF 1.2.14

  • Fix in 1.2.13 fixed a bug that wasn't a bug, but rather a misuse of the decorator
    • Is this in develop-1.2?
    • Throw warning in 1.2.14 on HTML entities inside decorator contents
  • mwf.userAgent [Rich/Eric]
    • Several parsing bugs that Rich identified in mwf.userAgent with bad parsing - any fixes on these?
    • Discussion: what should be done about body telemetry?
      • Major+Minor for version on OS
      • 1% threshold on OSes
  • Minor release things to fix:
    • Fix for Blackberry
    • Leave iPad issue alone for now


  • Branch discussion
    • develop-1.2 is merged to master
    • feature/analytics can be merged to develop
    • Things to merge:
      • Cache object
      • Forms
      • Customizable
  • Development version of DTS available at
    • Last meeting: A number of changes have been committed by Rich into MWF that need to merge to DTS
    • No new updates
  • Alpha version of MWF Decorators (extricated) available at
    • Will need to include the new Form decorator
    • No new updates
  • MWRS development is continuing at
    • Service layer is almost complete - just five more services to write
    • Mobile client is also coming along swiftly
    • All development to be complete by March 25 at the latest - pretty tight timeline
    • UCLA is planning to start demoing and alpha piloting this in Spring quarter and looking for other volunteers
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