Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 05 03

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Outstanding issues for MWF 1.3.01 release:

  • Add timestamp to no_server_init flag. The passthru.php case seems to be working, but there are some issues with time sync for the local reload case. See for more information.
  • Sara reported an issue with Firefox on Droid X (Android). Might be issue that Rich pinned with mwf.userAgent, but Eric is also following up having Sara send the user to the device.php telemetry page to gather more info.
  • getOS/getOSVersion logic issues
    • Broader theme: userAgent Javascript might want to delegate to platform.js
Also, before golden master, other things to do:
  • JS interactivity drivers
  • Documentation
    • Move user API documentation into the codebase and scrap those portions of wiki
    • Documentation will be versioned and commits to it are part of the commit process
    • Hosted versions of MWF 1.2 and 1.3 documentation
  • Rich has put out Lightning Touch under BSD license