Community: meeting agendas and notes: mwf core developer's meeting 2012 05 10

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  • Upon more thought, the no_server_init functionality will not be updated to include a timestamp. While passthru.php could be changed to use one, since the server would be both setting and reading that timestamp, the local reload case relies on a user-defined timestamp. If user has time skew, this could lead to an infinite redirect loop. A false positive is better than a false negative here - ie. it's better to not ever infinite redirect loop, even if this means not passing the device parameters to server until the second request.
  • What commit resolved the issue that Sara reported with Firefox on Droid X?
    • Rich is unsure of which commit but 1.3 does not have the issue
    • Take a look at userAgent's blame
    • Eric may pull through all the userAgent changes
  • Logan caught issue with swipe library that is indicative of a bug in two places (swipe and preview menu) that does a listen on document rather than window for the onLoad event, even though most browsers only pass this to window.
    • Logan will flip to window for both preview menu and swipe
    • To first check with swipe and see if jQuery initializer makes the explicit init useless
  • Classification override bug found by Ike is resolved - was the result of a bad partial merge.
  • Golden master will be delayed (not May 15) if we want documentation and JS interactivity drivers. This is due to other pressures on Eric and the UCLA dev group.
    • As long as code is good, let's go to an RC on the 15th
    • Pull request should be merged for one tiny test to Modernizr
    • Rich has some bugs to fix in customizable menus - and Ike noticed a couple more
    • Eric to prioritize the documentation
  • Ike may commit a fix for variable top-width
  • Eric to send more details about doing the redirect from front page as Ike is curious where it is
  • Eric mentioned web bootstrap framework that UCLA is starting to embark down - will be responsive, customizable and should play nice with MWF, if not actually fuel the evolution of MWF 2. Idea is that not everyone even has the resources to make one mobile web app, so just getting them to use a bootstrapping web framework would be a way to slip limited mobile support in without any substantive effort on their part.