Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 07 06

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  • UCLA Mobile was converted to MWF 1.1 on June 23. Since the release, there have been a few minor bugs reported. All of these bugs have been hotfixed, and most had to do with UCLA's specific implementation. The only bug that related to MWF was a minor CSS issue with menu-full. That bug has been fixed in the UCLA Mobile Repository and a pull request issued to merge the fix back to MWF.


  • UCSD's focus has been to aid campus developers in deploying more applications to UCSD Mobile. Welcome Week, Bookstore, and Dining Hall information (menus/hours/locations) are in the works. Student Portal (myTritonLink) application is also in Q/A. Provides information about classes (location, times, study list), and student account (balance, holds, major, etc).
  • ShareCase application is also in the works, which is an application for an event held at UCSD. This application is a working proof of concept of using the Mobile Web Framework with a CMS (Cascade Server).
  • Working to update CSS styles to better match campus specific look and feel.
  • Began work on native wrappers again, utilizing Titanium. Hoping to get iOS application finished and submitted to the App Store for approval soon. So far, the focus on the native container is to provide a method of returning to the framework regardless of where the user browses.


  • Roadmap now available on Github. Consist of sections for versions 1.2 and 1.3, as well as Module Development and Events. The Roadmap is a work in progress; details and descriptions will be added and expanded on in the near future.
  • Upcoming modules of interest include an improved Tour application with Geo-Aware capabilities, a polling application, and a glossary of organic chemistry terms.
  • MWF Team members from across the UC will be giving two presentations at UCCSC as well as at Educause (These will be parallel sessions). The MWF conference is also coming up (See below for details)

MWF Conference

  • UCLA will be hosting a conference focused on the Mobile Web Framework. This will be a great event to get developers involved in creating applications with the MWF.
  • The conference will be held on Monday August 22 and Tuesday August 23. The conference will go from 9AM to 6PM each day, with an hour for lunch. There will also be a pre-conference coding jam on Sunday August 21, and Wednesday August 24 will be a open lab day where developers can get help on deploying their applications or configuring the framework for their campus.
  • The UCLA team has created a conference application for information and registration. This application will go live soon, and a link will be emailed out to the MWF mailing list.