Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 08 31

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Campus Updates

UC Berkeley

  • Following Eric's mobile workshop at Berkeley, a full production Schedule of Classes application has been developed and added to UCB's suite of mobile tools.
  • Berkeley added a rotating image to the top of their mobile homepage (webkit devices only). The image fluidly resizes based on available browser space. The MWF image compressor was used for this functionality.
  • The next priority for Berkeley is to replace their outdated native application (previously provided by a vendor) with a Phonegap wrapper app. Nate: UCLA is currently working on a prototype of a Phonegap App, which should prove useful to UCB for this.


  • Have made several minor bug fixes since last release
  • Implemented HTML5 Offline Storage (Cache Manifest) for front page and emergency contact information
  • Looking at new features for development


  • UCLA was largely preoccupied with the MWF Conference last week, so not too many development updates.
  • UCLA is looking to deploy the geo-aware tour application soon, and release that code for use by other campuses.
  • Also in active development of a Phonegap based native application for use in a research-based project.

Framework Updates

MWF v1.1.06

Version 1.1.06 was released, in which the static framework CSS was minified and several bug fixes were made in the PHP decorators and Feed API. This update is recommended for all who can easily update, but is not considered especially critical or time sensitive unless content providers are making extensive use of the PHP decorators.

MWF v1.2

  • The Forms API and Messages specifications have been ratified.
  • A new device classification scheme is under development. This will focus on probing devices for capabilities, rather than depending on User Agent to see what a device is capable of. This is so that the framework will be able to detect what capabilities are ACTIVE on a device, rather than what capabilities a device has in general. This will alleviate some issues experienced when users disabled certain capabilities that their device is known to have.

MWF Conference Recap

The first annual UCLA MWF Conference held at UCLA last week was a huge success. There were 50 registered local attendees and 121 registered remote attendees from 9 UC's. There were 19 sessions given by 20 presenters. After the 2 day conference, the MWF team held an open lab session where individuals could come and get help with their code. This turned out to be extremely successful, with 13 participants writing 4 apps, ratifying 2 specifications, and devising a new classification scheme (see MWF v1.2 section).

Note: All sessions were recorded and are currently in post-production. Sessions will begin appearing online towards the end of this week, and all sessions will be accessible through an iTunes U podcast within the next two weeks.

UCLA Application Contest

UCLA is hosting a MWF Application Contest for all attendees of the MWF Conference. If an individual submits a mobilized version of an existing site by the deadline, they will be entered in a drawing to win an iPad 2! The contest was recently expanded to the whole UC. See this page for details.