Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 09 14

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Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 09 14

##Campus Updates

###UC Berkley

  • Introduced grid layout to full version in prepartation for container app.
  • Downloaded the titanium code that UCSD developed.


  • Running new dev branch on staging server, image minifier doesn’t work
  • Doing cool things, but not much to talk about right now
  • Staging server at http://mobile-stage.library.ucsf.du/ for develop branch


  • Rolled out pan hellenic app
  • Have digital map of activities fair
  • Crunch time for welcome week
  • Welcome week app is out
  • Lunched a recreation app that has information on all recreational activites on campus and is now popular on campus.
  • Live demo of the student portal is ready - allows users to view enrolled classes and grades, etc.
  • MWF conference podcasts soon to be up


  • Released a new version of the android app. Having loading indicator issues
  • Working on iPhone loading signs.
  • Most visited web site - my tacking app…. Can find out grades, etc.
  • All web pages including mobile apps have a JS module that inserts an error message. This was useful during the power outage.
  • Increase in Mozilla based mobile browsing ~25%. SkyFire is a new browser app on iPhone


  • First mobile web developers conference held Sep. 14 (10-15 people)
  • Discuss standardization of mobile framework, explore possbilitis of applying MWF in campus
  • Created a fork of MWF… figuring out how GitHub works
  • Will probably go with MWF 1.1

###Riverside (Juan)

  • Busy getting started with MWF
  • Working on acquiring necessary resources

##MWF Updates

  • MWF is switching to a new device capabilities & classification scheme
  • Modifications for this new scheme are available in the develop branch
  • This moves version release numbers back one due to type of update
  • Release formerly identified as MWF 1.2 is now MWF 1.3
  • Some features from this slate may still make it into MWF 1.2
  • MWF 1.3 features have been moved to MWF 1.4

###Target release dates

  • MWF 1.2 RC - October 1 2011
  • MWF 1.2 GM - October 15 2011
  • MWF 1.3 (formerly 1.2) - Q2 2012
  • MWF 1.4 (formerly 1.3) - Q4 2012
  • This update is fully compatible for content providers
  • Service providers may need to make some alternations to customized server-side code

###Benefits for Using the Classification and Capabilities Scheme

  • Simplifies installation process, there is little maintanence in terms of using WURFL
  • User Agent and browser engine, etc. detection done via regular expressions
  • Same classifications - basic, standard, full
  • If JS or Cookies are disabled, gracefully degrades to basic
  • Complient to ECMA 2623 – all devices should support this version
  • In the future, we will be exposing more API for detecting capabilities
  • The detection relies on modernizer but the architecture allows to easily replace the tool
  • Fixes license issues
  • No more performance issues with WURFL performance
  • All the old JS calls are still there
  • More information gathering in the future, maybe have a centralized datacenter
  • The beneftis outweigh the costs


  • For each request there will be extra HTTP request
  • The code may look a bit obfuscated but this is for allowing minimization