Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: Developer's Meeting 2011 10 28

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5919 Math Science Building


Conference Line: 888-921-8686

Conference ID: 3102061670

Elluminate Session:

Initiative Updates

  • Educause 2011 Update
    • Mobile was hot topic at the conference
    • Three presentations on MWF: ACTI, Technical Overview, Panel
    • Collaboration opportunities explored on Device Telemetry Stack
  • New Collaboration Site
    • has been updated as a "brochure" site
    • Still missing News and Forums sections - coming soon
  • Version Release Schedule
    • Revision releases every other Wednesday
  • Issue Tracking Paradigm Shift
    • Github Issue Tracker now encouraged for bug reports, minor features and merge requests
    • JIRA to still be used for large-scale core development (and others if desired)
  • Increase of Meeting Offerings
    • Splitting Developers Session into two separate meetings:
      • MOBILE DEVELOPERS SESSION - This meeting gives campuses and units an opportunity to discuss issues they're having and showcase new tools they've built. It is open both to UCLA units and units at other institutions using the MWF. We will also provide an update about the state of the framework itself, namely any new releases that have occurred and any changes to the roadmap, but the discussion will stay light on framework internals. This meeting is thus geared towards framework users.
      • MWF CORE DEVELOPERS SESSION - This meeting focuses on core framework development, rather than on usage of the framework. In this context, it will provide an opportunity for updates on features currently under scoping and/or development, as well as current technical issues and planning for future features.
    • Schedule through the end of the year is as follows:
      • MOBILE DEVELOPERS SESSION - 28 OCT, 18 NOV, 9 DEC [2:00-3:30]
      • MWF CORE DEVELOPERS SESSION - 4 NOV, 2 DEC, 16 DEC [2:00-3:00]
    • Offered in person at UCLA in MS 5919
    • Open to any service or content provider remotely via conference line and Elluminate screen sharing

Framework Updates

  • MWF 1.2.05
    • Released Wednesday, October 25
    • Resolves critical functional bugs in redirect script, .button-full and deprecated function support
  • MWF 1.3
    • Updates on features under development:
      • Messages API
      • Forms API
      • Native Container
    • Updates on features under scoping:
      • Device Telemetry Stack
      • Javascript Decorators
      • Javascript Interactivity Libraries
      • User-customizable Splash Page
      • Lean CSS Markup Entities
      • Javascript Unit Tests
      • Javascript Preferences
      • Javascript-based Handlers

Campus & Unit Updates