Community: Meeting Agendas and Notes: MWF Core Developer's Meeting 2011 11 04

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Table of Contents


  • Eric Bollens (UCLA)
  • Nate Emerson (UCLA)
  • Howard Kim (UCLA)
  • Ed Sakabu (UCLA)
  • Logan Franken (UCSB)
  • Rich Trott (UCSF)
  • Allan Kim (UCSD)
  • Mojgan Amini (UCSD)
  • Ike Lin (UCSD)

5919 Math Science Building


Conference Line: 888-921-8686

Conference ID: 3102061670

Elluminate Session:

MWF 1.2.06 =

This release is slated for November 9, 2011

Updates on major features:

  • Javascript Unit Tests [Rich]
    • Reporter: Rich Trott
    • Contributors: Rich Trott, Eric Bollens
    • Developer: Rich Trott
    • Currently needs documentation in Roadmap
  • Device Telemetry Stack [Eric]
    • Reporter: Ted Hindes
    • Contributors: Eric Bollens, Rich Trott, Ike Lin
    • Developer: Eric Bollens
    • Issue Ticket:
    • Open Code Review:
    • Serious bug with content provider from different origin when service provider hasn't already been visited.
    • New workflow proposed to accomplish this:
    • Abridged proposal: remove third-party cookie attempt as neither iOS nor Android support it
    • New mwf.server workflow implemented to use this with a redirect through new assets/passthru.php
    • Development still needed to implement a passthru for overrides.
    • Feature branch: feature/dts
  • Local Path Validation [Rich]
Updates on minor fixes:

MWF 1.3

This release is slated for March, 2012

Brief updates and discussion on:

  • Forms UI and Javascript Libraries [Ike]
  • Messages UI [Ike]
  • Customizable Splash Page / "App Store" [Unassigned]
  • Javascript Unit Tests [Rich]
  • Javascript Decorators [Zorayr]
  • Javascript Interactivity Libraries [Unassigned]
  • Javascript Preferences [Rich]
  • Javascript-based Handlers [Eric]
  • Lean CSS Markup Entities [Eric]
  • Basic Native Container [Zorayr]


  • Mobile Web Response System
    • Specification will be available November 9, 2011
    • Phase 1 development should be complete by January 2012
      • Support for anonymous-type polls in first phase
      • Question about service layer: Python Twisted (EDP) or Java?
      • Client layer to include both mobile and desktop web application